In an effort to create clarity and focus for my students and for myself I did this little exercise. It was fun to see what I came up with. Comment and share why you love yoga!

  • There are variations to each pose
  • The poses build on themselves — build on the each other
  • You are never done learning
  • It is challenging, but it works with the breath and mind in a way that makes everything feel possible
  • There are so many different types
  • There is always room to go deeper
  • I am constantly learning
  • There is no failing as long as there is the breath
  • It can be adapted to fit infinite circumstances
  • Savasana
  • The ability it has to change my mind OR the space it gives me to change me mind
  • The revelations — physically, mentally
  • The comfort of the familiar
  • Because it will never be finished — it always stays one hundred steps ahead
  • Discovering the secrets of the body and mind
  • Discovering my true nature
  • Connections to myself and others — connection to the universe
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