They say in Colorado if you don’t like the weather just wait 5 mins its bound to change, its very similar during teacher training.   Not that I don’t like anything, but there is such a variety to learn.  This weekend we went from learning about hundred-year-old yogic philosophy to anatomy of the body to doing inversions and arm balances to learning about sweet Bhakti yoga (yoga of devotion and love).   During this overwhelmingly anxious time in our country, to have a few hours of cultivating love and finding the humanity in all beings was just what the doctor ordered.  We did this very beautiful exercise that is hard to describe in words. Led by the beautiful Jennifer Jarret, we were able to emphasize the fact that we all have ability to send love into this world through our intention and the song that we sing.

The beautiful part about yoga is that it starts oozing out of the studio and into your everyday life. This week I encountered a very disappointing circumstance at my work. I had a similar issue 6 months ago and I was frustrated to have the same situation occur again. Therapists are not perfect and I had the very same reaction I had had 6 months prior; I got very angry and very sad.  I said things I want to take back. That evening I had to pull in all the snot, cover up the red eyes and pretend that I was ok in order to show up for my clients.  Then, the most surprising thing happened the next morning.  I woke up grateful, enthusiastic and determined.  I have no idea what happened as I slept, but in the morning there was a new freedom in my thoughts.

Six months ago I held on to anger and bitterness for weeks.  Every time I would talk about the incident I would cry.  This week when I started to talk about what had happened I was able to smile and hold gratefulness in my heart for the humans that I had previously believed had wronged me.  I had a lightness and there was an ability to let go. That is the yoga.  That is the Bhakti.  That evening with the love that I had cultivated, I taught for the third time.  My hands didn’t shake and my voice was clear.  I am on my path, the right path for me and I am so excited to see what we will learn next.


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