Ashrams for Autism

Ashrams for Autism is a nonprofit organization that brings yoga to the autism community.  The mission of Ashrams is to create programs and facilities where individuals with autism can live, work, play and contribute to their community.  Currently, Ashrams serves several facilities and schools in New Jersey.  To continue to provide healing therapies for this ever-growing population, Ashrams for Autism relies on donations from the community.  Please consider contributing to Ashrams for Autism.  Donate today or volunteer services.

Are you a yoga teacher looking to give back?  Take the Samadhi Spectrum: Yoga for Autism Training.  It will change your life!

Jennifer’s Testimonial

“I love getting to know each student.  It is wonderful to see their progress in each yoga pose.  But the best part is when we start to build trust in one another, not just as a teacher and student but as friends.  An ashram is meant to be a safe space and that is what Ashrams for Autism has created.  I am proud to work for Ashrams and grateful for each individual I have met because of this work.”